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2020 Donuts # 1


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Limited Edition 45 - Pink Vinyl - Stamped & Numbered - Housed High Quality Card Sleeve- One Off Pressing (Never to be released again as a 7'' single)
Boca 45 "Powerful' ft Hannah Williams / "Sparky Evans"
After releasing his semi-autobiographical album ‘Forty-Five’ in 2019, . On creating the Donuts project, Boca 45 added:
“With “2020 Donuts” my aim is to create a whole record from the 2 tracks released every other month throughout the year but keeping everything close nit (& limited) for my loyal wax customers. With music streaming things can get lost and slip through the net, but I like to think that people still appreciate tangible vinyl releases and the fact that each one of these Donuts are LTD strictly to 300 copies and numbered hopefully make them extra special. As with all of my collaborations in the past it has to be an organic collaborative process of working with likeminded vocalists and musicians, where there’s a mutual respect for each other’s art and all parties want the best for the track or project. It’s a quick follow on from the “Forty Five” LP for me, but I feel I’m moving in slightly different musical territories for Boca and some tracks have a strong message in these political testing times, but as always with one ear (& eye) fully on the dance floor for the Disc Jocks!” 

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